Top 10 Myths about Thomas & Bruce Seniors


10     You have to spend $1000 to come here. 

Not true.  Although many of our clients love their portraits and do spend a lot on them, we also have clients that spend less.  You probably won’t get by spending $300, but you don’t have to spend $1000 either.


9        You have to be a size 4 to come here. 

Not true.  We excel at making everyone look their best.  If you are concerned about your size, we can bring out other great features like beautiful eyes or hair and hide anything you are uncomfortable with.


8        I had my portraits done elsewhere and don’t need to come to Thomas & Bruce. 

Many seniors and their families regret this decision.  They received a free offer somewhere else and thought that those images were good enough.  Spending money on images that are not completely satisfying is just a waste.  Do your free thing, but for your real senior portraits put the money towards images you will be proud of. 


7        Some pictures look kind of sexy.  Do I have to do that? 

NO!  Just be you!  Some people are conservative, so we treat them that way.  Some people want to look like models, so we treat them that way.  We are very skilled at reading “who” you are and want to portray you that way.  We encourage everyone to relax, have fun and be themselves.


6        We charge extra for everything. 

Not true.  Many studios DO charge extra for things like effects, lens glares, mounting, lacquering and yearbook glossies.  Most of ours are included.  A few special things require a small extra charge, but we won’t nickel and dime you with lots of extra fees.


5        We are expensive. 

Again, not true.  When you compare the bottom line with apples to apples comparisons, we are competitive!  Our value is incredible.  Some items like billfolds are actually less expensive.  With cheap pictures you remember the money wasted.  With quality portraits, all that remains is the satisfaction and memories of a wonderful image.


4        It takes MONTHS to get an appointment. 

Nope.  Although many of the popular times book further ahead, generally you are able to get in reasonably quick.  In fact, many times there is a discount for being able to take our next available opening.


3        Thomas & Bruce portraits all look the same. 

Wrong.  You may choose from many different styles of photography.  We produce images that will stand the test of time and that you will be proud to show in the future.  We also produce the fun looks that are popular today.  You may have indoor, outdoor or on location images.  In all of these styles the emphasis of each portrait is you.  We don’t throw a different or distracting background in just to try to provide variety.


2        You won’t have fun during your senior session.

WRONG!  Thomas & Bruce both have lots of fun and are very laid back.  Everyone has a great time.  It’s much better than sweating in a park or waiting while others are photographed at the same time.


1        We can make you look good. 

OK, you got us on that one!  It’s not a myth.  It’s the truth.  We will make you look great!  


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