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Wedding Services

There are so many things that can set a studio apart that are not related to the images.  Wonderful images are nice, but the services of the studio and personality of the photographer are both of importance as well.  The services and skills are keys to you having the highest quality images.  The photographer is with you all day and has the potential to be a great asset or can simply ruin your experience.


Thomas and Bruce

Calm efficient professional manner.

Each hold the National degree of Master of Photography.

Production of prints completed under our direction.

Duplicate outfits used to guard against equipment failure.



There to help with arranging bride's gown.

Available to help on all the details.

Wedding kit containing items for nearly every emergency.

Assists with lighting and photographic details.


Complete Wedding Coverage

Expansive photojournalism coverage.

Alter group photographs.

Close-up family and friend relationships.

No limit on images created.


Photographic Quality

Complete understanding of light and how and when to use it.

Posing with care to details to avoid awkward, stiff looks.

Studio lighting used on close-up photography.

Portrait background where needed.

Retouching on close-up portrait poses.

Protective coating on all photographs.

Beautiful wall portraits available to begin your wall decor.


Wedding Planning

Help with your planning for maximum enjoyment.

Suggestions to help your day flow smoothly.


File Storage

All wedding images stored indefinitely.

The ability to reorder a single image or entire collection.


Album Design

The final step to a happy ending.

Professional help to arrange the story of your day.

The finest custom bound leather albums available.



Add everything together and there is only one choice for what you really want in wedding photography.



Wedding Portrait Gallery

Wedding Pictorial Gallery

Wedding Photojournalism Gallery

Wedding Black and White Gallery

Listing of Unique Benefits of Thomas and Bruce Photography