We have placed our large portrait above our fireplace, and we wonder what we ever did without it... it completes our living room!  Our families are in love with their gift portraits and are amazed by the quality.  We would like to thank you for a wonderful experience and for creating and capturing a portrait that truly shows who we are.

Andrea C.


The portraits and holiday cards \turned out so well.  Everyone loves the cards - no surprise that you'll be getting some new business!!

Ann U.


We were amazed when we saw the albums - how perfectly and beautifully you captured all the emotions of the day.  Because of the attention to detail, we will be able to look back at the pictures years from now and say, I remember exactly what I was thinking/feeling at that moment.

Jenny & Eric E.


Thank you so much for the help you gave us in January after a death in the family.  It meant a lot to all of us to have the beautiful photos that you took to be used in the obituary and as part of the video tribute.

Mary G.


I was worried that it might be a little awkward, but the second I walked in I felt very welcome.

Jessica C.


He lets you be yourself. It?s very easy to be creative.

Jonathan B.


I?ve never enjoyed having my picture taken until now. I just felt at ease the entire time.

Katie G.


Really nice studio, and the photographer keeps you smiley the whole time.

It?s what the senior picture experience is supposed to be like.

Hana S.


It was very well laid out, and had many different props.

He was very easy to work with, and it was fun.

Brittany J.


Thomas was a lot of fun to work with. He could easily make me laugh.

Kate C.


Thomas & Bruce is such an easy and fun place to have your senior pictures taken. They are great!

Eleni C.


Made a comfortable atmosphere that I felt completely relaxed in.

Sammy M.


Very nice, relaxing place, lovely outdoors area. Friendly staff at studio. 

Nick V.

Bruce was very funny, and enjoyable to work with.

Hilary B.


I love how you?re not forced to smile, and instead it comes naturally, very friendly.

Lena L. 


I thought that Thomas did a really good job. Love the outdoor settings.

Sonja H. 


They did an amazing job bringing out my personality! It was exciting and nothing to stress over.

Andrea B.