Graceful Flight

Graceful Flight is an original 38"x38" art piece with the Flying Geese completed with the aid of foundation paper piecing.  Special dyed fabric for the background is from Melody Johnson of Illinois and some of the special dyed fabrics in the Flying Geese are from Leo9 of Texas.  Japanese style border fabric with interesting uneven borders features special thought in mitering corners.  Close machine quilting is completed with rayon sulky threads.  First place in the Challenge Division at Lancaster, PA, quilt show 2001.  Exhibited in the  Art Quilt Show at Heritage Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa, September 2000.


SUPPLY LIST:  Basic Sewing Kit, Scissors (paper and fabric), seam ripper, pins, needles, Sewing Machine (extension cord?), Thread, Scotch Tape, Ruler, Cutter with blades, Matt, Iron and Board (mini irons are handy), Freezer paper, Pen fine-line, Pencil mechanical, Rubber eraser.                Design wall OPTIONAL   Reducing Glass or Door Peephole OPTIONAL Flexible Curve or ruler  OPTIONAL                                  FABRIC FOR BACKGROUND:  1 1/4 yards or up to 2 yards dyed fabric. This could be any muted, dyed or blotchy fabric                                                                                                                                FLYING GEESE:  fabric scraps or small yardage which would blend with surrounding dyed fabric.              SKY BEHIND GEESE:  1 yard of a fabric which shows contrast between the background and the geese.    BORDER:  Your choice.  This will add immensely to your art piece and can be as wide as you wish.  Or you may desire to create an inner border and then add more of your background fabric.

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